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Constant amperage stunnet BTWA05100

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The unit is designed exclusively for the welfare-friendly electrical stunning of pigs and sheep. The stunning device is suitable for all categories and weight classes of pigs and sheep. The maximum number of animals depends on the type of access and the way the trap works.

  • Very easy installation and operation for the user
  • Resistant stainless steel housing with wall bracket and handle in stainless steel and 4 plastic feet
  • Extensive settings of the stunning parameters directly on the device (current, frequency + the times for the stunning process and duration)
  • Use of different parameters for head-heart stunning possible
  • Evaluation of the data directly on the device or via supplied software on the PC
  • Fast current increase within the 1st second to at least 1.3 A or 1.8 A for pigs and 1.0 A for sheep
  • Visual and acoustic signal after minimum stunning time reached or not reached
  • Display of stuns according to standard or failed stuns
  • Display of volts, amps, frequency and timing during stun
  • Automatic storage of up to 100,000 stuns on the device
  • Stun operations in the device with date, time, stunning current, stun voltage and stun number
  • supplied software for: Windows XP, Windows 7 - 10



400 mm


200 mm


300 mm


11 kg


230 V


5 A (max.)