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Cooking kettle KDN

BASTRA systems have been specially developed for our customers’ requirements and stand out on account of their optimum product result, high efficiency, sustainable quality and environmentally friendly technology.

Cooking kettles from BASTRA guarantee a stable high-quality construction and high user-friendliness. With a capacity of 50 l up to 150 l they are flexible in use and stand for optimal energy efficiency as well as uniform heat distribution.


Standard equipment

  • External kettle made of stainless steel, material no. 1.4301, surface glass-bead blasted
  • Double jacket filled with high-quality glycerine as heat transfer medium
  • Direct heating via electric screw-in tubular heating element with thermostat
  • 2 insulated carrying handles
  • Glycerine level sight glass
  • Substructure with 4 height-adjustable feet
  • CNS drain tap 1 1/4"


KDN 50

Kettle capacity: 50 l
Electrical connection: 230 V
Connected load: 3 kW

KDN 120

Kettle capacity: 120 l
Electrical connection: 400 V
Connected load: 8 kW

KDN 150

Kettle capacity: 150 l
Electrical connection: 400 V
Connected load: 8 kW