Josef Koch AG

Meat processing

Paddle-Mixer Mix 180 – 6000

High-performance mixer with 2 displaced and interlocking paddle mixing shafts

These paddle mixers have been specially designed for the food industry for mixing sliced or chopped products, whether meat, sausage, vegetables, fruit, or sauces.

Combined with the Quadrat mixer hull geometry and intermeshing paddle shafts, smooth and efficient mixing of all types of products is guaranteed, regardless of viscosity or stickiness.

The machines are ideally suited for mixing beef burgers, minced meat and many raw sausages in less than 2 minutes.

A very fast discharge with minimal residues of the product is due to the different heights of the two halves of the tub, so that the paddles can quickly empty the entire filling through the large opening and also guarantees easy cleaning.

The housing and the shafts are made of 100% acid-resistant stainless steel.



  • Touch screen control
  • available as vacuum paddle mixer
  • Lifting- tilting device



Mix 180

Volume: 180 l
Loading volume: 135 l max.
Speed: 30 or 60 rpm
Power: 2.5 kW
Amperage: 16 A

Mix 300

Volume: 300 l
Loading volume: 225 l max.
Speed: 24 or 48 rpm
Power: 3.7 kW
Amperage: 20 A

Mix 450

Volume: 450 l
Loading volume: 338 l max.
Speed: 20 or 40 rpm
Power: 4.5 kW
Amperage: 20 A

Mix 900

Volume: 900 l
Loading volume: 675 l max.
Speed: 16 or 32 rpm
Power: 9.3 kW
Amperage: 32 A

Mix 1500

Volume: 1500 l
Loading volume: 1125 l max.
Speed: 14 or 28 rpm
Power: 15 kW
Amperage: 63 A

Mix 3600

Volume: 3600 l
Loading volume: 2700 l max.
Speed: 2 - 22 rpm
Power: 37 kW
Amperage: 140 A

Mix 6000

Volume: 6000 l
Loading volume: 4500 l max.
Speed: 2 - 22 rpm
Power: 45 kW
Amperage: 160 A