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Pökomat P1

Item Number P1 02895 / P1/6 00603 / P1 SM 12693-1 Category Brand

The Pökomat P1 is the smallest model in the Pökomat range of injecting machines. It is a practical and functional unit ideal for small butchers, canteens and catering services. The curring, injecting and spicing of meat is now no longer a problem. The unit is delivered ready for use.


The next features are particulary for the P1:

  • self priming pump
  • constant pressure
  • handy and portable
  • complete stainless steel fabrication
  • ergonomic handgun
  • pump can be allowed to run dry
  • 1 handpistol with 4 mm injectionneedle


Model P1

Impeller pump / 230 Volt

Model P1/6

Impeller pump / 230 Volt
Pressure control valve
1 distributionblock with 6 needles of 2.2 mm

Model P1 SM

Membrane pump (air)
Pressure control valve

Injection pressure

2.8 bar


350 mm


210 mm


210 mm


8 kg


Stainless steel and food-suited plastics