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Pökomat P132 SM Touch

Item Number 31314 Category Brand

The precise and reliable industrial multi-needle-injector Pökomat P 132/500 allows you to profitably produce consistently cured products. The tried and tested Pökomat-concept gives you all the technical and economic advantages. The conveyor movement is designed to give an even needle pattern no matter what adjustments are chosen. The Pökomat P 132/500 has the advantage that the pump and all piping is located underneath the conveyor belt. The housing is completely sealed from the upper zone. This design allows the use of different pumping systems. Maintenance is hassle free as the whole unit is built on a removable sliding carriage.


The next features are particulary for the P132:

• The compressing and elastic force can be precisely adjusted
• With 11 individually adjustable brine valves it can be regulated whether the brine is injected upon penetration or with a delay
• All needles are equipped with springs
• Easy and fast cleaning through few clear handles
• Without tools removable conveyor belt for easy cleaning



diaphragm air pressure pump

Injection pressure

3 bar

Passage height

150/110/70 mm

Passage width

500 mm

Strokes per minute

20 – 80

Conveyor belt

Plastic grid belt

Conveyor belt advance

19 und 38 mm


Stainless steel and food-suited plastics


2.2 kW


400 V / 50 Hz




850 mm


1940 mm


600 kg